Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yesterday, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education, not the most important post in the new cabinet, but a telling one for the new president, and more.

Democrats voted in a block against Mrs. DeVos, and were aided by two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, who voted the Teachers Union position. The nomination was confirmed, however, when Mike Pence, US Vice President and President of the Senate cast his tie-breaking vote for Mrs. DeVos.

From the Wall Street Journal, editor’ s column, February 8, 2017:

The unions can’t even tolerate a debate on the subject lest their monopoly power be threatened. All that chatter about “the children” is so much moral humbug.

This nomination was symptomatic of the ongoing situation being beaten out by the two parties, the press, and the electorate.

Democrats are aged antiques and are currently trying to figure out how to get their mojo back. Rahm Emanuel (Chicago – Sanctuary City – mayor) yesterday urged fellow Democrats to put aside differences and focus on the presidential election of 2020. He knows that his party is too far down to do anything good before then.

The Republican Party has a problem of the opposite description. While Democrats always seem to come together to beat their opposition, Republicans refuse to cooperate with one another even in the face of an enemy united against them. The segments of the Republicans refuse to cooperate with their fellow party members over single issues which seem to define them.

These divisions within the Republican Party are the thing that Donald Trump overcame to the effect that he won the presidential election; but he did not unify the party.

Republicans are faced with a simple problem: do that, unify the party.

Simple problem to state, anyway.

Monday, February 6, 2017
Super Bowls are supposed to be overmatched (based on historical fact) blowouts, and around my house, they usually get turned off after the self-serving halftime show. Now  as of last night we have had two in a row that were worth watching.
Last year's game set a high mark. Last night's game, though, was one of the best football games I've ever seen. The Alabama vs. Clemson contest for the National Championship, with Clemson's out-of-time victory, held that title for a mere month.
And last night's halftime show was worth watching.
We have been blessed with great football these past few months, making the 2016-17 season the best I have ever seen in my long tenure as football fan ordinaire.
Sunday, February 5, 2017
The Trump presidency is being set upon from all sides. Trump's enemies are legion, or at least they want to seem so. These enemies are trying to do the trick that many animal species try by puffing their weak selves up to look formidable.
Everyone, it seems, wants to be the first to bash Trump. They did that to Nixon and to both Bushes, and these attacks worked for the attackers: all are remembered for the fake failings that the press harped upon.
Ronald Reagan was a different matter. No matter what the left did, they could not diminish the man. So it will be with Trump, even though the assault against him goes to a new level of vitriol.
Donald Trump has a few things going for him:
            #1        A thick skin (except about some family controversies).

            #2        A limitless supply of imagination.

            #3        An unending supply of balls.

            #4        The enduring support of his base.

It is impossible to communicate these things to media people. It is just stuff that they won't ever get. Their world has been torn asunder by the election results.

Democrats are in the same fix. They are ancient. Their world is no more. Tricks they pulled in 1972 don't work, although the effect, diminished though it was, still worked for o.

o's elections were recollections of the halcyon days of Billy boy, whose days of being a fun little scamp are gone forever. o's popularity was an amalgam of white fear of being labeled  racist, the 'cool' factor of voting black, and the hope that o would be something historic. 

The fact that he turned out to be just another garden variety socialist was no surprise to some of us (me).

And Billy boy was finally seen for what he was, a smooth sexual predator who worked on ambitious women.

Into a political contest where the out-of-ideas-and-aged Democrats were confronting the my-turn-is-next Republicans sprang someone they all could hate: Donald J Trump.

And hate him they do. Why, he's not supposed to be here!!!

Even Fox News doesn't know how to deal with an upstart who doesn't know his place.


The British Prime Minister got the riot act read to her after she returned home bearing the news that she and the Donald were in accord over many issues. Splut! Splut! Unheard of! Oy say! Splut! Splut!

This has been some fun stuff, and it will continue.


Last weekend, however, rough edges on the diplomatic front caused great consternation over the inconveniencing of a few middle easterners. A concern of this magnitude happens every week or two, or more. That is why we have a whole department for international affairs of state. Imagine that.

Except that, when a judge who ruled on the case – a GW Bush appointee, it has been pointed out every time the man is mentioned – countermanded the Trump order. He opened the border to all of the riffraff of the seven countries named and then some. And last night a left coast appeals court agreed with the idiotic and unconstitutional ruling. Right now, our borders are open to malicious  incursion of every type. 


Stupid, or intentionally bad, move.


The worst will swarm to our shores every way they can so that they evade the coming immigration restrictions. Trump's original order was a surprise for a reason.

The left/progressives never quit with their evil intent. They are restrained only by constant vigilance and keeping them out of power. 


Donald Trump is just beginning to learn the ins and outs of his new job. He's a quick study, but the left keeps up its attack, day after day. The borders of the US must be placed under control.


That is a real danger.


However, the news emphasis has been on 'micro-aggressions' and trans-sexual rights among other nonsensical issues of non-import. In the world of reality, the things that make diplomats scream in fake agony have no effect whatsoever on people who have to perform real jobs every day.


I don't think that the hurt feelings of a few left/liberal snowflakes are going to be the things that keep a high pressure developer awake at night.

He seems to use the wee hours as a time for scheming.