Friday, January 27, 2017
Kimberly Strassel has uncovered a bombshell of a law (story link above right) which governs congressional actions as to when they can be implemented and the nitty gritty details involved. Who knows where this may lead, but lawyers and the making of laws is involved, and there is a good chance that a lot of what o did was done improperly.
But then, he was a masterful law giver at the top of his game, wasn't he?
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
There is a link to President Trump's first executive order above and to the left. It stops the implementation of obamacare, and orders that all agencies cease and desist execution of all pending previous executive orders regarding obamacare.   This effectively stops the spread of the health care behemoth until it can be replaced.
Hear, hear...
Other steps will be necessary, but its a start.
Monday, January 23, 2017
Pick the top 8 women's issues.
That's what the big march was about on Sunday.
Or maybe the top 25; Or was it 55; no, we meant 31.
Well, anyway, a lot of things concern us, and you'd better get them right or we'll nuke your house.
Sunday, January 22, 2017

In the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul, and Ronald Reagan encouraged revolution in different countries – independently, but together – it was the evidence of a new system of thought.

The same sort of thing is happening again. The Brexit movement, and the election of Donald Trump are evidence.

There is no indication, yet, of what the result will be; the two political parties that Americans have relied upon for over a century are experiencing existential problems. The Democrat party sees its leaders aging away, and the Republican party has moved beyond its core beliefs in many areas.

Donald Trump is not a party loyalist. He has appointed people to his cabinet that hold a consistent, conservative view of how to manage the country and how to make the country function for all its citizens across the board.

This he is doing without regard to political philosophy or idealism. Pragmatism is a better descriptor of his approach to politics.

Whatever works.



The rise of Islamic fundamentalism over the past two decades has inspired those of us in the West to oppose the changes that have been imposed upon us by the weak-kneed liberals typified by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has voiced our rejection of the rise of the mood of cooperation with the worldwide Muslim jihad. We have seen US leaders, going back to GHW Bush knuckling under the pressure that has been bearing on them from the liberal/progressive left.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, and the disgusting Obama have all played a part in allowing our enemies to gain a toehold, then a comfortable foot rest on our society. The inroads that have been made against us started with Bush I, but under the now departed (!) Obama, the constant toadying, appointing of radical Islamists to key government positions (Valerie Jarrett, et al.), and the mismanagement of Middle Eastern affairs reached their apex.

No matter what you think of Donald Trump’s governance style, it was made necessary by nearly three decades of this country’s drift toward internationalism, and the repeat of the mistakes that the other internationalist countries, typified by Germany, have made.

We hope for an end of the US cooperating with those who seek to destroy us. The wide-spread neglect of our military, our highway infrastructure, the enactment of ridiculously strict pollution controls, the encouragement of racial violence against police, are all evidence of the damage that has been done to us.

We hope that all those necessary components of a strong world leading nation will be put back into the condition that they require.

Donald Trump began the effort that recovery will take by making the first step toward dismantling obamacare. And his appointments of Defense Secretary and Secretary of Homeland Security have already been confirmed.

Let us not even let the opposition of Chucky Schumer spoil this mood.

We expect that the other cabinet appointments will be confirmed quickly, and allow a recovery to begin.

The mainstream press and the Democrats, and even most of the Republicans have no idea what is going on. The way of doing things before November 8 is no more. Something new is happening.

Don’t know what to call it, but it could be good for the whole country.


Peggy Noonan and Daniel Heninger of the WSJ feel it too, and wrote their Thursday and Friday columns about it. Read their columns by clicking on the buttons at the upper left.