Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nancy Pelosi is the darling of the MSM news this week; Britt Hume, too fell for her BS. It was from Britt Hume that I heard of her actions which brought her the attention which she craves.

There was an occurrence that caused her to take to the floor of the House in a move to filibuster for some reason or other. During her vanity appearance, she impressed the press with her physical stamina – she is 78 years old – in her ability to deliver her filibuster for some 12 hours standing in enormously spiked heels.

Okay, as Britt Hume said, and I agree, I could not have done anything similar. But it must be remembered that Nancy Pelosi has been wearing shoes of that sort for over 60 years, and this was no big deal to her. There isn't much good to say about that woman.

During her rambles, one of her sub-topics caught the eye of the MSM in attendance. She told a story of her grandson (8 or 10 years of age) who made a wish that he were dark-skinned like a friend of his, and complained that he was white. The media, of course, loved this revelation.

It is every white Democrat's dream to become a member of the minority. They wish they didn't have to prove their worthiness at every turn – their skin color could do it for them.

This is an epitome moment. Most people confuse the word epitome with apex, which means ultimate height, the very top. Epitome, is actually "a person or thing that is typical of…" according to Democrats all would have some physical characteristic in common with minorities.

This is in keeping with their view of the human race, solving problems, and how things look.

Martin Luther King used the term "content of their character" to describe the way that humans should be judged in his "I have a dream" speech. He was completely correct.

Democrats have forgotten this. Pelosi's grandchild has never been taught it. They are far more interested in the way that some action will be perceived than they are in the substantive texture of their being.