Monday, March 5, 2018

"The impact of bad policies can also be obscured, creating a danger for voters. During the Obama years, the Federal Reserve engaged in a historic experiment in money creation in order to raise the prices of financial assets. The Fed succeeded, showing that at least for a time it can conjure rising markets regardless of antigrowth fiscal policy." Wall Street Journal, March 5, 2018.

That was Obama's ace up his sleeve, and we all knew it. Janet Yellin kept inflation at near zero to protect her boss, because inflation would have been disastrous for the Obama economy.

It was all artificial and it was all for self protection by the worst president, probably in history. Jimmy Carter was a bad president, but he can rest easy because the big o is certain to take the fall.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

"Other than lashing out against immigrants, Trump thus far has done nothing to fulfill his promise beyond coasting on the growing economy that he inherited." Julian Zelizer, CNN Political Analyst, March 2, 2018.

In one sentence containing two of the most brazen of the bald faced lies that CNN has promulgated against Donald Trump, this "news story" rattles on about  the mishaps of the week. The first lie is that Donald Trump has done nothing to fulfill his promise; the second is that he inherited a growing economy. Those are two total fabrications, and CNN tells these reversals of fact at every opportunity. It is their policy.

CNN has become only watched by people waiting for airplanes and a few others. Somehow they have retained support of airport personnel who are in charge of selecting channels on the TV set to entertain the millions as they wait for their connecting flights.

Nobody in their right mind watches CNN out of choice, and their ratings show it.

These audience numbers are from the website, Hollywood Page of January 5, 2018, by Lisa de Moraes.

1. Fox News Channel 2.46M2.48M

2. ESPN 2.06M1.91M

3. MSNBC 1.66M1.11M

4. USA Network 1.62M1.68M

5. HGTV 1.51M1.58M

6. TBS 1.45M1.59M

7. Nickelodeon 1.36MN/A

8. Discovery 1.32M1.40M

9. History 1.31M1.33M

10. TNT 1.28M1.55M

11. Hallmark Channel 1.22M1.06M

12. Investigation Discovery 1.10M0.994M

13. CNN 1.07M1.30M

14.  AMC 1.03M1.26M

15FX 0 .997M 1.11M

CNN's first number 1.07 M is the 2017 number, 1.30 M is the 2016 number – numbers are in millions. That is a 25% drop from year to year. I think, though, that their 2018 number has increased because of all the furor over the Broward County school shootings.

CNN typically tells lies of this sort, saying that Trump inherited a growing economy. That is absolute, provable, hogwash. And, their coverage of the events in Broward County over the past three weeks has been wrong, wrong, and wrong. Additionally there have been several instances when the facts had been manipulated on purpose. There is no doubt about this fact, either. I have seen the interview with one of the school students who was instructed by CNN about what he could say during his interview with them for airing. His response was not to show up for the final on-air interview. Smart kid.

The obvious reason for CNN's behavior – the lies and other outrageous conduct – is to increase their flagging ratings. Unfortunately, it frequently works. Wolf Blitzer and a couple of the other 'news' people appear genuinely embarrassed when they do some of the things the network makes them do. If someone made me do the things they do on national television, my bar bill would have to be expenseable or I would not be able to afford it.

Why anyone would waste their time watching biased ill intentioned television cannot be explained.

This (CNN) is just the tip of the iceberg. The goal is the impeachment of the president. The Main Stream Media are hunkering down for a long campaign against the Donald. Actually, the hunkering down occurred during the time after Trump announced that he was running for president while the MSM had not learned (they still haven't) to take him seriously. That was in late 2015.

Since then, the media have been of a single mind and a single purpose – remove Donald Trump. This has proved to be harder than they had ever imagined. He made clear his intent to 'drain the swamp' without knowing the depth and pervasiveness of the enemy-held territory. It is only now becoming evident what the scope of the swamp is: it pervades the media, both parties, and many commercial enterprises.

After the 17 died in Broward County, Delta Airlines took the NRA to task for being the NRA, and they canceled a benefit that NRA members could cash in on to fly Delta at a cut rate.

What connection did the NRA have to the deaths in Broward County? Only a paranoid assessment of opposition to gun control could come up with the NRA being at fault for the shootings in south Florida, yet this seems to be a rather pervasive conclusion.

A much overblown media presence of gun-control advocacy has sprung into the MSM, where the common goal of repeal of the Second Amendment is apparent. Although the Second Amendment is still held in high regard by some 65% of the population, the MSM sees this opportunity to make inroads into that number.

The swamp is deep and pervasive. The denizens of the swamp resist any effort to remove their cover.