Sunday, February 25, 2018

The left has been caterwauling all week about the school shooting in Broward County. It was a pretty bad incident, killing 17 individuals, including at least one teacher. CNN made a complete ass of themselves out of the whole thing. They used the opportunity to invite Dana Loesch, a spokesman for the NRA, and Sen. Marco Rubio into their evil clutches and tried to make fools of them. The day after their interview, a student from the school was interviewed by Fox News.  He revealed that he had not taken advantage of the fact that they wanted to interview him because they did their best to put words into his mouth.

He was having none of it, and told what CNN had tried to do, which was to corrupt his story and tried to get him to provide a scripted answer to a question that they had intended to set up.

The kid was astute enough not to go along with their set-up, and was a very good interviewee for Fox. Rubio and Loesch got their point across, also. It was great to see CNN looking like the utter fools that they had been in trying to set up and script the "Town Hall" that they aired.

The Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, committed several faux pas in his on-camera interviews, also, revealing himself to be a Democrat fall-guy. And there was an armed security guard whom he defended that resigned on Friday, after it was revealed that he stood outside while the shooter ran wild inside.

The behavior of all the levels of government involved in the Valentine's Day killings (it was tempting to say 'massacre') was absolutely despicable with the Broward County Sheriff's Department missing nearly 40 opportunities to confront Nikolas Cruz, in various circumstances leading up to his attack on the school.

The FBI, Florida State Patrol, and others were warned in addition to the Broward County Sheriff's Department. There were a bookoodle of opportunities to stop Cruz before he used his AR 15.

Another example of your government at work.