Monday, February 13, 2017

Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" has 12 points which have become the de rigueur guide for waging their war against our society.These precepts were handy in the 1960s when they were written, and have maintained a lot of their value for those disruptors who use them even now.

But their day is done. Too many of us on the political right side know about Alinsky's rules, and because of that, we can use those rules against them.

It is already happening.

Donald Trump has been using Alinsky rules since long before he decided to run for president. I have not read his books, but the principles he advocates are an adaptation of the quintessential Alinsky handbook.

Using the left's own tactics to implement our strategy is a delicious way of taking them apart.

Addendum -- Feb 16

The left is ramping up their offensive and doing a pretty damn good job of occupying the attention of the media.

So far, they have forced the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Labor Secretary Nominee Andy Puzder.

Democrats are very good at diverting the efforts of their opposition away from their jobs and the agenda needed to stay on-subject. The news media, even Fox News, is complicit in this task of keeping trivial concerns at the forefront of the news cycle.

We can expect more of this.


Sunday, February 12, 2017

There is so much happening that it’s almost impossible to follow it all. There are some broad general trends that we can note, however.

The trend that has been occupying the news cycle the most, is the brouhaha over visas being issued to a few Middle Eastern folks, some of whom could become the perpetrators of evil deeds. This has been going on for a week now, with the left making every effort to subvert immigration policy. The one thing that has not been brought up by the press is the rock-solid fact that the president has the right, nay the responsibility, to approve all immigration.

This is policy that has been law for many years, since the 1950s Cold War stance against the USSR. Based upon that fact, that silly court in Washington state had no right to issue the fatuous opinion that the Ninth Circuit upheld.

Putting all of that right through the judiciary will take many months. Confirmation of conservative justice Neil Gorsuch will probably fit with the timing of this effort.

This administration does not have the patience to wait for the law to churn out the rightful legal findings.

So, while that is happening, the Trump administration will proceed in a parallel effort within the purview of the Executive. Whatever ill effects that occur from the removal of limitations on the immigration process will be attributable to the actions of the liberal idiots of the West Coast. The Ninth Circuit Court of the US, which has been reversed 70 or more percent of the time, will once again be seen as the fools they are.

This is the first trend: The left-leaning decisions of the Trump haters make them look foolish. This is nothing new, but it is now being reported.

Nearly all of the cabinet has been appointed, over the spurious attempts at delay that the Democrats have tried. The delay was annoying and futile, and an enormous waste of time, but in the end Chucky Schumer did not get his way, the Trump appointments were made, and the cabinet is now functional.

Second trend: We can expect to see this delaying ploy every time there is a major decision to be made. Trump and company know this, and are prepared for the fight.

Donald Trump and his cabinet will have a hard time now and in the future for the simple reason that they are people who take action. And they are used to dealing with people who take action. The bureaucratic morass that they have waded into is designed to impede those who take action. Swift implementation of decisions is anathema to the bureaucrat mind, and all of the rules, regulations, and procedures have been put in place to retard the implementation of meaningful change.

This will be Trump’s biggest obstacle for his presidency.

Third trend: The actions that Trump takes will be resisted by procedure-minded bureaucrats at every turn.

The actions by several high-end department stores to drop the clothing line made famous by Ivanka Trump shows how deeply they wish to damage the Trump brand. In a time when in-person shopping is falling at a precipitous rate, these bricks and mortar stores are performing acts of hara-kiri to spite Republican business.


Nordstrom’s and others – Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc. – are losing business to small, specialty, Internet oriented stores that appeal to today’s well-heeled shopper.

Kelly Ann Conway reportedly was given a dressing-down on Friday for comments she made about the situation that retailers have put themselves into. There doesn’t seem to be much effect on her, however.

Fourth trend: Political hubris will reflect badly upon traditional retailers.

All of this has been very encouraging. The actions of the left have mainly wasted their own time, although the time wasted was wasted in an effort to make the Trump administration less effective. In that respect, the waste of Democrat time could be said to be a productive waste of time.

I had fun writing that sentence.