Thursday, March 2, 2017


Reading The Wall Street Journal this morning, I found myself thinking 'old news.' It seemed like I was reading yesterday's paper.


But I wasn't. What has happened is that my mind has begun to move at the speed of Trump, at least in the realm of political fact. This is not a miracle, nor any kind of insider information, it is simply the recognition of how this administration is going about conducting its business.

Democrats are raising objections to the success of Donald Trump's speech night before last. Late, late, late.

The news cycle is at fault. It cannot keep up with the torrid pace of events being generated by Trump's governance. He seems to like it.

The Democrat resistance's comments are  falling on deaf ears. For instance, the latest from Michael Moore, the darling of the Bush haters, is a laughable attempt to frame Trump's recognition of a fallen hero and his wife as a political stunt.

This is a comment from Scott Adams of Dilbert fame.


Scott Adams has an interesting take on many things and I recommend that you do a little reading of his opinions.

The trajectory of Donald Trump's ascendancy in the polls is something that we will see during the upcoming months. The speech Tuesday night is proof of that.


Sunday, February 26, 2017


Donald Trump is learning his new specialty. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, and this last week’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) convention was hallmarked by rare Republican unity. This is the kind of thing that the Republican Party needs.

Democrats, on the other hand, are sticking with the tactics that they have employed for the last 40 years or so. These ploys have worked for so long, why would they not continue to be effective?

But, they won’t be.

The public of the United States has gotten onto them. The public understands, at least the right does, that the main weapon of the Democrat party is to disrupt. There are some new tactics being put into place, but the mission has not changed.

The new tactics are pretty simple; they are  effective, but simple. Instead of showing up at a Republican function with an army of disruptors, they are showing up at a Republican function with an army of disruptors who have been taught to disperse throughout the crowd, and then do their job.


In this way, since they are dispersed throughout the audience, they are not easy to marginalize, and their numbers appear to be greater both in person and on TV. They keep those who organized the meeting, and whose meeting it is, from meaningful use of their meeting.

This tactic is also legal.

It’s a good tactic for them. And one that is hard to contain. They will continue doing this, because it will be effective.

Another tactic was used on Friday, and was fortunately spotted by Reince Preibus or someone else who had the authority to stop it.

Democrat operatives were passing out miniature Russian flags with the name Donald Trump stenciled on them. It was a few hours before the flags were noticed, but  they were seen, and were all  confiscated.

The left is nothing if not persistent.


Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried. People try not to remember this.
We must keep reminding them.


Part of the topic last week was Barack Obama’s new website, Organizing For Action. This is actually not a new website, it goes back three or four years to a period when he was trying to decide what he was going to do after Hillary took over.

As events occurred, the successor was not Hillary, and he had to take other  measures for the perpetuation of his reign. He needed to fall back and reassert himself onto the political scene (this is political, not practical or philosophical) as a Democrat leader.

He had planned to use this OFA initiative with its website as a means of directing his activities in the future. The site was written mindful of the international goals to which he aspires. The man’s ego has no bounds.

Scott Adams (Dilbert's author) has recently featured in his blog a partial analysis of the position Obama has assumed in the fabric of today's political climate. One of the characteristics of his open-minded analysis of things is that this approach allows for a clearheaded analysis of people like Barack Obama.

My opinion of Barack Obama is so low that I have a very hard time ascribing any beneficial motive to his actions. But Adams is able to.

He makes the following statement:

But all the factors that made him a great role model are the same factors that prevented him from doing much for the African-American community. It would have looked like favoritism if he had focused too much in that area.

I disagree with the premise that he is a great role model, because he is a socialist, and socialists are not good role models for Americans. But Scott Adams makes a good point. It would have looked like favoritism, which Eric Holder (Obama’s first attorney general and another socialist) did exhibit; it showed Eric Holder to be the racist that he is.

Obama was able to avoid being painted with the same brush as Holder, and most people do not regard him as a racist. [They should; he is.]

Obama’s popularity among the electorate is still very high. He is a force that Republicans will never be rid of. The truth of Barack Obama’s failings will never be recognized even by Trump supporters.

He will always get a pass. He was the first sort-of-black president, after all.

The economic disaster that he wrought upon this country will never be pinned on him. It will always be regarded as a product of the George Bush recession (a Democrat fabrication which has been pushed for years by the MSM). This is a ridiculous, wrong, economic formula: Bush = bad.


One of the things that Obama will be blamed for is obamacare. And well he should be. The shortcomings of obamacare begin with the original concept, which is a socialist scheme that can not work under any circumstances.


Even though there is a group of salient features of obamacare that have proved to be popular, the overall program is bloated, overly complex, and therefore horribly unaffordable, and that's just the economic part. The other social and psychological problems of this rampant socialism are unaddressed.

But that’s the socialist’s Grail. One sixth of the US economy.

Let’s hope that the Republicans don’t fall prey to the same over-reach temptation. They are being presented with a great  opportunity, let's hope they don't screw it up.


There is a new link at the far upper right, Our Enemies Rule which goes to an editorial from the Jerusalem Post by Carolyn B Glick. It is about how far behind the US has gotten in the world of warfare.
And of course, we know who to point the finger at.