Sunday, February 19, 2017

A new C-Span survey ranks Barrack Obama at #12 all time among US presidents. That is very high, since he was the 44th person to hold that office. That ranking is, of course, rather suspicious.

I shouldn't be surprised at this, but I am. I always assume that these things are as obvious to others as they are to me. But I constantly forget the 51% of voters who were duped by Hillary into casting their ballots in her favor. Some were so enraptured by her charms that they expressed their approval two or three times. 


I forget this in the same way I constantly forget that the majority of Americans, nay humanity, feel no revulsion at the thought of putting in its mouth the corpse of something that lived its life beneath the waves. Most people love seafood.

To me, seafood is unthinkable, as is the  mystic attraction of Barrack Obama.

He was a president for whom I have never understood any attraction of any kind by anyone. To me, Mr. Obama, from the beginning, was a limited thinker and wrong headed ideologue in all of his endeavors, but I guess I am not a judge to be trusted.

All of his policies were wrong in conception. He was (is) a socialist, an anti-American. He held  (holds) the idea that the US place in the world is unearned and undeserved.


The reason that white people voted for him was because of their fear of voting against a black man, and the assumption that a vote against him would be an act of racism. He had this race relation business down (in his mind), and he pushed it about as far as it could be pushed.

Mr. Obama is using his popularity, currently, to wage war against this country's interests as we strive to extricate ourselves from the hole that he spent eight years digging.

During the time since he left the White House, and for many years before, he has been plotting against Republicans under the table, using subterfuge and subtlety in that effort.


He is, first and foremost, a community organizer.


His community organizing abilities were what sold his campaign – Hope and Change – and put him in office. And it was all he brought with him to the office of president, and all he ever used. It was a woefully lacking skillset for a US president. 


He is using that limited skillset in his endeavor to continue his Anti-American push. In addition to the usual ex-president projects like the effort to build his commemorative library and health care stand, there is an initiative to continue his influence over those pet causes which got less than was their due (his opinion).

This dangerous endeavor may be found here:

This initiative: Climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, multi-sexual rights ("love is love" -Quote from website.), women's health is a right (abortion), and other grievances common to the left.

All these little niceties are followed by the big kahuna:
"We believe that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules deserves a fair shot at the American dream." -Quote from website.

What are we to take from his term in office and the website that illustrates his plan for the future?

*Socialism is the answer to all questions of society and governance.

*He worked so hard to promote race relations and to improve the happiness of the black community (race relations and community happiness are worse than before him– I could spend days writing about this hypocrisy).

*He demonstrated the way that the economic growth of the United States surged ahead during his time in office (it didn't).
*He made his policies clear with the way that foreign relations reached new pinnacles, elevating the prestige of the United States among nations during his presidency (Ha!).

Barrack Obama is a disaster. However, the lack of criticism of him will continue for a very long time because he has the race card to drop on his opponents at any time; the press can drop it, too.

He has finally arrived back at a level which suits his talents. He's a community organizer, after all.