Thursday, December 8, 2016
Bye (not good bye) to Harry Reid. He is an absolute disgrace to the Democrat Party, which has no dearth of assholes to be embarrassed about.
Reid is leaving the DC scene engendering widespread relief after his many years as the leader of the Senate Democrats. Mr. Reid was the subject of much speculation when the Senate reconvened after the 2016 New Year break sporting an eye patch behind his glasses. The rumor spread that one of his relatives had punched his light out.
I wish I had that opportunity and my old rugby playing form.
Mr. Reid represents all the worst of the Democrat party, which is very bad indeed.
He will not be missed.
It is amazing to see the government and the economy responding to actions of the Trump presidency two months before he takes office and thus before any of his actions can have any effect. This is all in anticipation of things that might happen.
There is a very high probability that everything will go the way that is anticipated, but there are many potential flies in the ointment. I can think of several catastrophes that could occur and prevent the actualization of the Trump agenda.
But assuming that none of that comes about, it is interesting to note the current situation and its causes.
Barack Obama has had his cafe au lait thumb pressed firmly on the windpipe of the economy, strangling it to keep it from growing. We must assume that this was an intentional action because of the number of procedures that had to be performed to keep us in a stagnant economy instead of the normal one: new onerous environmental regulations, disruption of 1/6th of the economy, etc.
Our economy has been stalled for seven years of the Obama rule. Pundits have begun to observe some marks of growth in recent reports, and they are attributing this to Obama.

The economy has begun to spring back to its normal rate of growth, but it is in spite of Obama not because of him. It will probably surge past normalcy and begin to grow at a very strong rate. And this will be because of pent up demand for goods and services. We have been through a period when economic growth has been held in check, for what reason is beyond me.
As an economist, I'm a pretty good architect. So I have no answers for the reasons behind the way that the economy has been manipulated under this president's reign.
Let us say, though, that this rate of growth, or lack of it, is not an accident. There is some reason that Barack Obama wished to stall the economy of the United States.
My opinion is that o thinks that any good for the people of the United States is unearned and undeserved, and that whatever ill fate comes about through economic manipulation or bureaucratic regulation is an end that this country richly merits. He has a deep-seated hatred for the US and all that it stands for.
He may not even realize that he harbors these ill intents.
I think he does, though. The chances are that he knows and understands all of the ramifications of his actions and considers them proper. He probably thinks that he is a great president and  that he should be regarded along with Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln as a hero of America.
In fact I'm certain that that's how he sees himself. He forgets the ancient Greek character failing of hubris. In fact that's one of the characteristics of hubris, to be certain that its failings do not describe himself.
Sunday, December 4, 2016
Nothing of crashing consequence happened this week in Donald Trump's ascendancy to the White House.
Kelly Ann Conway is proving herself to be an outstanding pick as the campaign manager – I guess that's still her title – even as the cabinet is being populated.
One thing I noticed this morning on Fox News Sunday was that our friend from the Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel, appears to have completed her series of subtle facelifts and she looks terrific now. Of course nothing of a medical nature can alter the piercing logic that she brings to the discussion.
As the weeks have passed, it has become more and more evident to everyone who is paying attention that Barack Obama is irrelevant. The onerous legislation that he forced through congress, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and other hopelessly statist lawmaking and the vanity rules that he wrote for the EPA, the Justice Department, and the Internal Revenue Service will all succumb to the processes in place to remove them.
It has been made plain to him that his proudest achievements are going to be rescinded, as they should be, and his presidency is going to be relegated to the proverbial ash heap of history.
Although his public approval numbers are personally high, there is a general sense that this nation will be happy to see him in the rearview mirror. In my opinion, his name should only be used in the context of disapprobation.
The only reason these bad ideas were ever considered was the fear of the race card. No white politician or businessman could have put forth these blatantly far-left ideas and have actually forced them through into laws without the guaranty of a race fueled repercussion if they were opposed.
In most instances race was never a spoken issue, but it was always present. It hung over our country like a pall, throwing nearly all social issues into the shadowy realm that promoted confusion.

There were some areas, the Justice Department for instance, where race was a major, stated club that would be used to beat the opposition into submission. Race relations were set back to the pre Martin  Luther King era.
Barack Obama has been a disaster, unequaled in American history.
And there is a new Democrat leader, Muslim, black, of course, who is receiving attention from the MSM. He is being touted as the vanguard of a Democrat re-surgency.
He is farther left than Barack Obama, is also a very good-looking man who has no problem what ever in imposing his radical views on his unsuspecting constituents.
He and Barack Obama will make a wonderful pair to ignore.

This is all in anticipation of things that might happen.