Friday, December 30, 2016
"Given the tone of his interviews, he could well become a carping, persistent presence in our nation’s capital." Karl Rove, commenting on Obama's future presence on the political scene in the Wall Street Journal.
We're in for a lot of chuckles in the coming months. Democrats get funny when they are out of power, and are allowed to live their erratically irrelevant lives.
Obama will perform true to type, but we write him off as entertaining at our peril. He will do what he can to remain relevant throughout the Trump administration by  keeping his presence at the forefront of the news cycle. In this he will be aided by the liberal (progressive) Main Stream Media (MSM).
Where previous presidents have been content to allow their term of office to  end, this president has a hubris problem and will try his best to occupy the news.
He will enlist the aid of the Clintons, Bernie Sanders, and his other previous Democrat enemies, and they will comply with his ongoing campaign to disrupt all efforts that Donald Trump brings to further the will of the American people.
This effort has already begun. It has started with the emphasis in the news cycle on all the Democrat inspired side issues of elector desertion, Russian interference, and all those other tiny concerns that the media seizes upon to fill the broadcast day. There will be a lot of that. 
This doesn't even include all the thousands of bureaucratic regulation time bombs  that o has left for Trump to stumble over as he tries to do his new job. 
These people do not lose gracefully. They lose with a vengeance. Remember the press treatment of G. W. Bush in his second term?
These events that I describe are not a guess of future happenings.
They are a certainty.
Thursday, December 29, 2016
That hideous embarrassment to our great country, John Kerry, the nominal Secretary of State, has done his job once again. That is, if his job is to make our allies wish for the days of the1980s, when the leadership of the US was not in question. 
The job of the Secretary of State, however, is to aid the president in making our country safe from actions of foreign nations who are intent  on harming the US or its citizens. In this endeavor, Mr. Kerry is an abject failure, as is his boss, Mr. Obama. 
Mr. Kerry seems to think that since his wife is incredibly rich, that the prestige granted to him by having access to her wealth will enhance his performance in the office of Secretary of State.
That office demands qualities that Mr. Kerry is missing in abundance. A coldly analytical steely intellect unfettered by hopeful ideology is a requirement for that job.
It will be a welcome change to see the arrival of Mr. Trump's appointee, Mr.
Rex Tillerson, who brings a winning mindset from his days as CEO of Exxon-Mobil.
It will be a breath of fresh air to have the Trump philosophy in our international relations.  
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Jonathan Gruber, the 'architect' – I really hate the way the media throws around my profession – of the Affordable Care Act, was on Fox News last night.
That man, in the face of the abject failure of the ACA is still maintaining that it works.
A Republican Congressman and medical Doctor was also a guest on the show, and illustrated why the program needs to be replaced.
Gruber was glib, well spoken, and totally wrong.
Tuesday, December 27, 2016
The scurrilousness and perfidy of Barack Obama knows no bounds. His latest is the public regret that he cannot run for a third term.
There is nothing that would be worse for the United States than to have him continue to meddle with this country's future in the way that he has for the last eight years.
He has allowed the world to come apart in the way that the ayatollahs intend. He has reduced this country to a bystander on the world scene.
We cannot afford this. Even thinking about the big o's intents sets our thinking back into the swamp that needs to be drained.
The Donald Trump era has begun. We want to get past the awful world that Obama lead us into.
Sunday, December 25, 2016
Merry Christmas
Think like an architect; think like a developer.
Look first for what you want done. Then look for what can be done. Next, find a way to get it done. Last, find a way to pay for it.

When you can't afford it, and you never can, go back to step one and modify what you want done slightly. And begin the process again.

This is the design process and the development process. It is the commonality between architecture and development. This is how we think and get problems solved to get buildings built.
Nobody that has held the office of president since Jefferson has had this as their primary mode of thought. Other presidents have been 'problem solvers' but they have not been schooled in the thought process that architects and developers use.
Most of our presidents have been lawyers, and have been trained as lawyers, a discipline that is built on a set of finite rules which must be followed, unless their name is Clinton.
Developers and architects are schooled in how to get their designs built. They are proactive in their approach to problem solving: how do we get this done? This is as opposed to the reactive lawyerly way of keeping certain things from being done.
This is a huge (Yuge) difference!
We now have a developer president instead of a lawyer president.
The country is already showing signs of a rebirth.
The latest outrage by Barack Obama was a trick at the UN on Friday. Everybody has heard about it so I won't go into any details describing his perfidy.
I was expecting some kind of trick at about this time, but this one is a real doozy.
We actually have to give him a good deal of credit for turning a pretty bland routine  operation into a deeply effective affront to Israel, the US, and all the governments that usually side with us and Israel in the UN General Assembly.
Obama offended our friends and set up an offensive action by Muslim countries against Israel in one fell swoop.
It was a beautifully executed coup that employed the rules of the Security Council to exact a heavy toll against one of our prime, nay only, non-Muslim allies in the Middle East.
This was beautifully executed, insidious, and very much against the interests of the United States; this move will be very difficult to remove procedurally, and will never be removed from the record.
A brilliant, totally evil thing to do.
Barrack Obama proves once again that he is the smartest in the room.
But he forgets that he must live with having made a lot of very powerful, very influential enemies. And these enemies are not the type that will forget soon. He is relying on his bully pulpit to make this action into one in which he gets the major benefit, except that he won't get the benefit, major or otherwise.
His arrogant hubris (redundant?) makes him think that he has allies in this endeavor. He may have, but they are not in this hemisphere nor of this creed. Jews and Christians stand against his benefactors.
I haven't seen very many reactions yet, but they are coming.
Chuck Schumer (Democrat Senate Minority Leader, NY) was so angry he could barely contain himself to be interviewed, and his reaction is going to be typical across the board.
I think this time the big o has really stepped in it. He has won a battle, but he will surely lose the war.
There is an article that I stole from the National Review Online located at the top of the upper right links.