Sunday, December 31, 2017

The fakery of CNN has been exposed once again. This development will only be a surprise to liberals, Democrats, and other people who are wearing blinders in this age of made-up news. The biggest opposition to Donald Trump is of this type, by these people, and is intended to remove him from office. They will never see the error of their ways.

Beginning with the election of George W. Bush, Democrats have rallied around the supposition that Republicans are evil. There has been an increasing divide between the two parties, aided by eight years of zero-tolerance for anything opposed to programs put forward by Barack Obama.


Mr. Obama's race was the only thing that kept Republicans from calling him the utter fool that he is. Republicans never said anything, and never will, but we resent, deeply, the way that Democrats have utilized racism in reverse to get their way.


Now that the execrable Obama is out of office, he is utilizing his bully pulpit to put forth his racist message along with Maxine Waters and Eric Holder. Reverse racism is still racism, and these three are the high priests of this crypto-fascist movement. Crypto-fascist is shorthand for the way black people have learned to manipulate the press and the Democrat party to punch far above their weight – they are only 12 to 14% of the population, yet news coverage, sports, and other endeavors leave the impression that Blacks are about 50% of the people who make a difference. Just ask someone who doesn't study these things what percentage of Blacks there are in the United States.


Democrats have been accustomed to holding the upper hand in the moral argument since the 1960s during the Vietnam War and with the murder of Martin Luther King. Republicans, though, have owned the hearts and minds of those of those who do not try to control the situation, but try to live their lives in harmony with those around them. We are the people who make the country work.


Democrats have come to hate us for our reasonable approach to living lives of prosperity and accomplishment. Their approach is one of divisive turmoil that produces power far beyond their numbers.


And so it is that they hate us and Donald Trump. Since they control the Mainstream Media, they feel obligated to maintain the illusion that they own the truth. So they make up their own. This leads to the huge dichotomy of news that is the media today. Fortunately, CNN and others of their alliance are making complete idiots of themselves, and revealing it to all.

For once, even the left is acknowledging that truth exists in the opinions expressed by Fox News and Donald Trump. They are admitting in some small ways how erroneous their side of this issue has been.


CNN has gained a lot of viewership, while espousing their easily exposed made-up news. Viewership is what keeps them in business, and whatever works to improve that is what they will continue to do. Their laughable antics during this period is entertaining, but a lot of people believe it.


CNN has blown whatever credibility they once had. But people are watching. It is making the money.


More's the pity.

There is a rumor being put forth by Democrats that Donald Trump has gotten no more done in his first year than is usual.

Here, to refute that is an article from World News Daily. It lists 170 Trump accomplishments in 340 days. Donald Trump is operating like a private individual with the expectations of a businessman. Washington has no idea how to function that way, therefore they denigrate his accomplishments and do everything they can to make him look bad.

The actions of Democrats are the definition of the dwellers of the swamp. They will do everything they can to resist the effort to eliminate their cover.