Friday, December 23, 2016
A new editorial by KImberly Strassel is available above right.
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
A very well written and insightful editorial was sent to me by Mike Armstrong. Its link is to the right above, "The Obama Era is Over."  Obama is now in the state of being that the old National Lampoon reserved for Mamie Eisenhower during the 70s: Forgotten But Not Gone.
Someone on tv last night asked, "Do you remember a single good thing about his presidency?"
Unfortunately, he will do what he can, abetted by the MSM (Main Stream Media), to remain in the limelight. 
Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The solstice at my location is at 5:44 am. Sunrise is 7:15 am, sunset is 5:37 pm, and the official length of the day is10 hours, 21 minutes.
Sunday, December 18, 2016
Fox News Sunday just ended. It was elucidating.
The panel Democrats, Juan Williams and Neera Tanden (that awful Obama partisan) and the two previous Democrat guests, interviewed separately, all said the same thing: The news in our country is now, unapologetically, an organ of the dems. There is not even an attempt to appear unbiased.
The discussion was all about how Democrats abhor the election, how it was influenced by Trump supporters, and what they're doing to subvert its result. This was Fox! I would expect  to see this kind of crap on CNN; Fox used to be more in tune with its slogan "Fair and Balanced.'
Democrats control the airwaves and cable industry.  They have forced the industry to broadcast what they (Democrats) want to say, and since they own the media, they can make the subject what they want.
After many years of staid resistance, Fox is becoming the 'All bullshit, all the time' network, joining in with the rest of the news.
We nave no respite from the ravages of the Democrat party – there is nothing democratic about them. They have glib spokesmen like Mike Farrell of M*A*S*H fame making their appeal, but in spite of that, it is an obvious case of one party rule in media.
I spent last week writing about the shortcomings of the presidential administration of Barack Obama. The last eight years have given me ample topics to fuel my outrage against him, Hillary, and Democrats in general.
Our country has been taken down a path that we all regret;  some of us realize its cause and some of us (Dems) do not. This country is a far different place than it was in 2009 when Obama began waging war against white America.
I say waging war against white America, but that war is being waged against black America, Hispanic America, Asian America, and Polynesian America to name a few of the Democrat's many efforts. Barack Obama and the Democrats have succeeded  in doing this as no foreign power has ever done regardless of their level of bad intent. They have driven this melting pot of disparate ideas and social insularity into its component parts as firmly as a purposeful balkanization ever could have done.
Mr. Obama is not finished. In his infantile view, he has discovered  new transgressions by the Russians that account for the downturn that has befallen the Democrat party in the last couple of years.
We can be certain that Mr. Obama will never admit to having caused most of the difficulties of the nation and his party, which he has done all on his own. I have written about Mr. Obama and hubris before. This is more proof, which at this point is redundant.
Hillary and Obama are two sides of the same coin. They provide ready excuses for their selfish actions and never spend an instant on introspection. If they did, the Democrat party would be in a far different state.
The phrase "It is my fault" is one that has not been used in Democrat circles since the days of Tip O'Neill, Ronald Reagan's worthy adversary. I never thought I would miss Tip O'Neill.
We have another month of Obama, and we can expect more of the blame, the Ruskies comments, and more of the racial divide. He thinks that these failings (attributable to someone else) provide him with a credible excuse for the disaster that his presidency has become.
Jimmy Carter is the second worst president because his failures were largely the unintentional failings of a dumbass, but Barack Obama's actions were all done on purpose. He worked at earning  that title of the worst.
Slightly more than a month from now, he will literally be history.