Friday, December 29, 2017

Scott Adams has a fertile imagination, and frequently he applies it to a description of the political world. His most recent analogy is available here: "The Demolition President.I have used links to his work before, but if this is the first time you have used one, the website is the Dilbert home, and the archive of his work is all there. It is interesting to spend some time looking at all the things he has going. Enjoy.


My friend Mike Armstrong had bypass surgery yesterday. I have not heard the results yet. I wish him all the best. At our age (Mike has a few years on me), we need all the help we can get. 



Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The MSM (Main Stream Media) still insists that Donald Trump is an idiot. He is an ill mannered boob who must express his resentment of all who criticize him with Tweets to draw attention to himself.


From today's Wall Street Journal (click to read article):

"Over his 11 months in office, he has put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and four times as many judges on the appellate courts as Barack Obama did his first year; recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; withdrawn from the Paris climate accord; adopted a more resolute policy on Afghanistan than the one he’d campaigned on; rolled back the mandate forcing Catholic nuns, among others, to provide employees with contraception and abortifacients; signed legislation to open up drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; initiated a bold, deregulatory assault on the administrative state—and topped it all off with the first major overhaul of the tax code in more than 30 years."


Some idiot!


The suspicion arises as to who has been fooling whom. Donald Trump's popularity is vastly eroded as reported by the Main Stream Media.


This makes us wonder.



Sunday, December 24, 2017

It is Christmas Eve, foggy, 58° with an expected high today of 81°. This is the frequent condition on a Florida winter (pity us) morning, with dense fog and a chill in the air. But the fog will burn off, and we will probably have a beautiful sunny day. That too is a frequent condition during the hardships of winter in central Florida. Long stretches of days like today and yesterday are the reason that many people have made their retirement home here.


As a contrast, the fires in Southern California are raging, and have destroyed the largest amount of forested land ever recorded for a single fire there. The disastrous Polk City Fire of 2001 burned less than half of the acreage that this California blaze has involved.


And we can lay this event directly in the lap of the all-knowing, all seeing scion of philosophical perfection, Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.


These people are so much more intelligent and more prescient than anyone who had preceded them that they could blithely ignore all previous gained knowledge, and prescribe the proper use of public land. So there we have it, public land under their management reverted to its historical means of controlling fires – none.


Before the 20th century, California burned this way. We have returned to the natural order of things.


The idol of the back to nature crowd, John Muir, was the author of this attitude. He is credited with a mindset that leads his followers to appreciate nature in its glory, unaffected by the presence of man. Animals frolic in natural splendor, aided by people who tiptoe quietly through the pristine organic environment. They leave all untouched with no sign of their having visited any of the area. This is the proper relationship of man to nature, they think.


This is, of course, hogwash. Things grow better – all things – when they are managed. As a for instance, the ubiquitous weed of the Southeast, kudzu, has taken over hundreds of thousands of acres where it was allowed to gain a foothold, and now this land can grow nothing until the kudzu is removed. That is a Herculean task and represents the opposite problem from what is facing Southern California.


Managing forests requires removal of some species while encouraging others, and managing plants and trees that die while seeing to it that healthy, desirable strains survive and prosper. Managing forests requires effort, attention, and knowledge. Oddly, the US government has an entire department for this: the US Forest Service.


Except that the funding that the US government provides to the Forest Service was drastically cut during the Obama administration. This year, the California Emergency Services Director, Mark Ghilarducci, threatened to stop protecting national forests during fires if the feds didn't pay their share. The state of California is facing enormous expenses brought about by the historic conflagration now blazing.

California's climate is an odd mixture of paradise and hell. The beautiful weather allows for the enjoyment of nature by her citizens while encouraging the growth of forests which the frequent droughts leave vulnerable to large forest fires. No program can prevent all forest fires in California, but things had gotten much better under forest management until Obama the Magnificent came along.


Once again, he proves that Neighborhood Organizers are the apex of the best and brightest, in whom all great knowledge is vested.