Thursday, December 15, 2016
Revised December 16
Mr. Obama has just surpassed himself in the field of the unutterably inane. His insistence that the Russians have interfered with a US election is unbecoming to a US president. He may even be right, but what possible difference can his comments make?
He is irrelevant, his accusations are silly, and this is one of his last opportunities to appeal to the nation as president.
And he chooses to make this topic his own?
But then we expected no better.
Janet Yellin, head of the Federal Reserve, is an Obama backed [I used idiot yesterday, which is the wrong word] shill posing as a rational economist. She has gotten every one of her predictions wrong.  Economics is a black art, but it takes a special kind of fool to be that wrong that often.
The Trump train is leading the stock market to levels that were thought unapproachable only a month ago.  The economy will follow if given half a chance.
The danger, which Yellin is allowing to dictate the Fed's response, is a repeat of the Carter economic disaster, and hyper-inflation. But there is a long way between our retarded economy and that overheated state of affairs which was decades in the making.
The past eight years, with Obama's thumb on the economy, has primed the pump. Our economy is ready for a return to normal growth, but with mishandling of interest rates by Yellin and company things could get bad quickly. I am hoping that the Trump train leads us to a more normal recovery than what could happen if investors get over exuberant.
Remember that as an economist this commentator is a pretty good architect.
My having to change the word idiot to shill, and clarifying it, points up the basic wrongheadedness of the  Obama administration.
There is not a single area within their purview where the substance of their positions has not been made political, and therefore objectionable. Barack Obama has taken away our  ability to have a conversation about political philosophy without rancor. Gentleman's discussions are no longer possible.
Witness the rise of physical attacks immediately following the election by left-wing thugs on Trump supporters who were minding their own business. Mostly this happened in areas on the west coast (Washington and Oregon), but there was one incident in North Carolina.   
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Our friends in the media have become completely unhinged. The nonsensical complaints about Donald Trump's nominees for his cabinet are contrived out of thin air, especially in the light of the fact that it is customary to give a new president the people that he wants to man his staff.
John McCain – as usual –should shut up.
The contrast between Donald Trump's cabinet and the cabinet of the Big o is marked in many ways. The Big o's cabinet was full of lawyers; Trump's is full of businessmen and Generals.
As a matter of fact, looking back at our presidents, all of the Democrats have been lawyers going back to Harry Truman. All of the Republicans have been non-lawyers back to Gerald Ford.
And further, Donald Trump's cabinet is full of non-lawyers. It's a distinction that is worth noting that along with a distaste for government, Republicans have a distaste for lawyers.
In the case of Donald Trump the distinction between lawyers and non-lawyers is particularly well defined. His cabinet is not only non-lawyers, but they are characterized by being not of the political class. They are typically not beholden to anyone because of their political affiliation and previous commitments of support to any particular group.
This is a huge difference. Even Ronald Reagan accepted political contributions when he ran for president, and although he was not of the political class the way that most politicians are, he had been governor of California and was at least partially political.
Trump is not. Having never been part of an elected anything, Trump has a great deal more freedom than any other person ever elected to the presidency.
We can expect him to become even more independent as time wears on. He not only does not have political puppet strings, he also does not have the habits of a politician.
I have great hope for this presidency.
Sunday, December 11, 2016
The Donald is showing us a new slant on politics. We have lived with a political class who grew more and more powerful until they took over our system of government.
Donald Trump, who doesn't even wield the power of office yet, is showing us that things really can change. And the signs are everywhere: the rise of the stock market is a prime indicator of that.
I'm feeling a bit of euphoria myself.
Trump has picked a group of people who are not soaked in government greed and  political indebtedness to run his administration. This is unprecedented in American history – maybe even in world history.

The exhilarating possibility is that the governance of the United States will be more like Exxon Mobil than the old Democrat party.
The vast government bureaucracy will still exist, and it will still be populated with the apparatchiks whose destiny was to become government workers. The government apparatus will take many many years to grow out of the fever swamp that it has become.
But it's a start. Government can be made over. President Trump has never served a day in a government bureaucracy, in fact he has fought them, bureaucracies, to get his buildings built. He has found clever ways to work around their silly regulations to achieve monumental results that he can then resell at a profit.
We now have a president who understands that profit is not a dirty word. We can hope that his example will become a beacon that the generations to come can follow.
Ronald Reagan had a similar opportunity, but he was indebted to the political class which limited his considerable abilities.
Trump's opportunity does not have those limitations. He has maintained his freedom from all of that political indebtedness that every other president who has preceded him had to take on to get himself elected.
Fox News is not part of the mainstream media, but their behavior in this case is identical. In an amazing display of self fulfilling prophecy, I just watched the panel of four commentarians on Fox News Sunday describing how the media would be attacking Donald Trump in the future as they were doing it right then.
This is what Donald Trump has been and is going to be threatened with for his entire presidency.
"But we're different" they proclaim, "We're the good guys."
No you're not. You're the press. And you're in it, the feeding frenzy, just like all the rest.