Saturday, December 23, 2017

I have been doing a lot of writing for recently, and this is the link:

That will take you to my latest article (written as Thomas Anderson, my nom de plume). That article is about new ventures in lighting and about some rather random Christmas topics, and is entitled "Lighting Your Christmas."


Once on the Scragged website, clicking the Home selection or the Articles selection at the top of the text will take you to the listing of all the current articles. I have several available from that page.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

The mother lode of pecan pies has been found. The wonderful lady who makes them for Country Angels has consented to make three pies for me, Mo, and her family.


Becky Finley is her name and I have been enjoying her pecan pies for many years. I had never known that she runs a little business making them for other restaurants and for individuals. Her pies are excellent; they are very much like my mother's with the exception of the fact that Glenda Burns, who owns Country Angels, requires that her pies be made with chopped pecans on the top of the pie filling instead of halved ones like she used to use; that was the way my mother finished her pecan pies, with pecan halves.


I have vowed that of the three pies – one for Linda Walker, the other two for our family – Mo and I will only take two pieces. That will leave plenty for Desiree, Culley, and the kids. I'm sure they will enjoy them.


The Wall Street Journal on Saturday at an article about folk art in Georgia. I have copied the article and it is available here.

This is in the tradition of roadside art and artists selling their work out of places alongside the highway that has been a mainstay of art in the south for a very long time. I have successfully imported the text of the article, but the illustrations are not included at this time. I'm going to work further on getting those for display on this website, but if not, at least the text of the article will be available.