Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones in the race for Senator from Alabama and the Democrat pundits are all agaggle! According to them this is the symbol that the Republican Party has followed the Titanic into the oblivion of the ocean depths. There is no saving the losing party of the Alabama Senate race.


Many Republicans are probably rejoicing at this event, having hoped for this outcome all along. This is the day when the swamp returns to its former glory. There are no excuses except for the fact that Donald Trump is done – he is history, gone, deader-n-a doornail, over! We hated him and now we're rid of him.


Unfortunately for them, this is just so much wishful thinking. Mitch McConnell (Sen.) and his buddies of the establishment, and Democrats everywhere can whoop their delight, but that isn't the way it is.

Roy Moore was a lousy candidate; this is the first race after Donald Trump's election that Republicans have lost. It is a setback for them, but it does not spell doom, any more than all the machinations over Russian collusion do. The press and Democrats can have their fun for now, but Trump will probably win this one too.


He has a hard row to hoe, but his past of the last year shows that he is willing and able to take on this adversity like he has the others.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Scott Adams, the cartoonist who draws Dilbert, has a very savvy method of approaching some insoluble problems. His approach is unique and seems valid. Here is his take on making some inroads toward the recruitment of Blacks into the process of seeking solutions for some of society's problems.


The guy is a really smart analyst of many things, which is what makes his Dilbert enjoyable to read. That link, above, goes to his website where all of his Dilbert history is also posted.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

The fires in California are exceptionally bad this year. Zoom in on the map to see their locations.


We have been warned for many years, and abundant proof has been offered about forest mismanagement in the areas of California which are now blazing. The Obama administration chose to ignore all the warnings, and pursue a policy of neglect.

The liberal idea of 'the beauty of nature un-besmirched by maintenance' was allowed to prevail over forest management that had been in effect for many years. The result of this philosophical change was that the forests became littered with deadwood – another name for fuel.


The link above connects to the "Cal Fire" website which shows the locations of all the active fires in California. At present, the map shows all the fires are burning in Southern California, with the largest one being just south of Santa Barbara. The firefighters there are reporting that they do not see a quick containment of that conflagration, and that several of the fires are out of control.

This is yet another example of the wrongheaded idiocy brought to us courtesy of the Democrat party, who rule every move of the government of California.



I read an article this week which was singing the praises of Barack Obama over Donald Trump. It was very enlightening.


The great admiration that this gentleman held for Barack Obama was based upon a number of outward appearances of the ex-president. He raved about the elegant style, the suave, debonair 'look' of the man, the way he held himself somewhat aloof from his surroundings.


These are all superficial characteristics and brought to mind the big o making his apologies to the Saudi king with an obsequious bow to his Excellency. What a crock.


I contrast Donald Trump on his visit to Saudi Arabia, where he was treated with respect like a head of state should be. The difference between the boot-lick big o and a stand-up gentlemen could not have been more clear.


And this week, when it was announced that the Israeli embassy of the United States would be in Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv, Donald Trump knew there would be howls of protest, but this is an important change.


Every president for a very long time has pledged US support for Israeli objectives. Now, finally, there is an objective that is somewhat different than before. This was a wise move by Trump. Nothing had been accomplished on the Jerusalem front for several decades, and the big o had painted Benjamin Netanyahu into a corner at the very end of his presidency, leaving the Israeli president in a dire situation over US/Palestinian agreements about conducting policy there. 

Israel has withstood a deluge of anti-Semitic acts in the UN for decades with Arab nations rallying other Muslim nations against the Jewish state. The week before the big o handed over the presidency to Donald Trump, he had Samantha Power abstain from a familiar vote by Arab nations censuring Israel for some made up charges of obstructing the peace process – of which there is none. It was the most blatantly obvious anti-Israeli move of the Obama presidency.

With the announcement of his intentions to put the US Embassy in Jerusalem, it was apparent that Mr. Netanyahu was delighted and one can envision Donald Trump laughing at the discomfiture of Barack Obama when he heard the news. That little trap that the big o sprang on Netanyahu was a cowardly connivance of a small man; US support for making Jerusalem the capital of Israel is a slap in the face to Obama.


No one deserves it more.