Sunday, September 02, 2018

For some reason, my dictation software has taken on a new habit: when dictating into my blog, it does fine for a few paragraphs, and then quits working and must be restarted. Restarting the software is a three or four minute interruption in the creative process, which is a genuine ass-pain.


I am dictating this into Microsoft Word, and will copy it into the blog. We will see how that goes.



There is new evidence on the horizon that there is a cheap alternative to the ultra hyped policies of cost without benefit that enviros have been pushing for decades. Details are sketchy, and further research is needed, possibly for a Scragged article, but the possibilities sound real.


I have long thought that all the mega-hype about ‘climate change’ and other enviro BS was exactly that, and that all of the speculation and fear-mongering would come crashing down at some point. This has been a common theme in my articles.


And now, it appears that once again my ill-informed but considered opinions have proven correct. There is a direct method of controlling greenhouse gases. I will be researching this.


It also appears that my suspicions about Google have been correct from the get-go. Google has its fingers in everybody’s pie. The fact that I use Google Chrome for my browser to post all my blogs means that Google has a handle on all that I write, or all that I write for my blog. My writings for Scragged are in separate unpublished places until I get them ready for posting to my editor’s site.


I am using duck duck go as my search engine now instead of Google, but my efforts are pretty pitiful in the face of the fact that Google Search owns over 90% of the marketplace.


But I can do my small part.


There has been a great deal of effort by the left to take every opportunity to make usual events into Hate Trump fests. The latest one was John McCain's funeral, where his daughter turned her speech into a diatribe against the president. This is the way that she will remember her father for the rest of her life.

What a shame that a hate-filled memory will be the image that she retains.

Donald Trump was not a fan of John McCain. Nor was I. That silly 'maverick' sobriquet was a recognition by the press that John McCain was a person who could not be counted upon to do his duty to his party and congressional colleagues. In a maverick moment, he stood in the way of the Republican Party repealing Obama Care. Shame on him.

There were other moments. Many times, McCain bowed to the wishes of his good friend, fellow Senator Diane Feinstein, who never returned the favor. Some maverick.

There were many things about John McCain that were heroic and laudable, but he held sway over the Republican Senate, and many things he chose to do were not in line with his best.