Sunday, August 26, 2018

I was editing in Firefox, inadvertently. Things are a bit more normal now. But I can't dictate, which puts a real crimp in my editing, and internal links aren't working correctly. I am in touch with Wix, my web host.

John McCain died this morning. I question is 'hero' status from the Vietnam War. Certainly he was in seriously dire straits while he was being held captive, but there are many questions about things he did while in the prison camp.

We will listen halfheartedly to the adulation that will be heaped upon him in the next few days, but the questions of him aiding the enemy in Vietnam pale before the actuality of the aiding of the Democrats that I know he did.

His nickname 'Maverick' was a silly press-spawned term that they came up with during the 80s or 90s to describe his complicity with Democrat senators like Diane Feinstein and others. He never gave up his staunch support for veterans, though.

Some of the veterans causes that he supported tended to be less help and more grandstanding for him personally. I didn't like that aspect of his behavior, which seemed to me to be more about him than about the Senate and getting his country fit for survival against our internal enemies of the liberal bent.

His run for president was a pitiful effort, and he wasted the potential that Sarah Palin brought to his ticket. I think he never understood or appreciated the help she could have been in that election. He was besought with the Republican groupthink of 'we've had our eight years, now it's their turn.'

He was a candidate with no imagination and he failed miserably against the awful Barack Obama, that good-looking, half black, but not half white community organizer whose main enemy was Hillary Clinton, not John McCain.

I must say RIP, though because only enemies deserve less.