Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Donald continues to amaze. I think that he possesses a visceral hatred of all things Obama, as do I.

My opinion is that Barack Obama had a deep-seated hatred for the United States, thinking it to be a colonial power which had imposed its will on humanity for its own aggrandizement. The US went about all of its advances in uplifting the human condition and developing economic advantages so that we could impose our will upon the helpless minorities of the world. There was no evil too great for the US to impose on the world for all its self-serving purposes.

Obama was (is) a seriously deranged individual.

And as to that point, today's Wall Street Journal has two articles which bear upon the subject, and can be found here and here. Wall Street Journal subscription may be required to read them.


These articles are dated, both of them, after close of business on Friday.  This is consistent with a mindset that I have assigned to our president by which he keeps the more controversial items of his rule-making agenda out of the public eye – sub rosa. I think (know) that Trump has been doing this all along. His announcements to the press of presidential decision-making is being upstaged in the MSM news cycle by many of the ploys that he engages to distract them away from the real business he is in.


He is seriously engaged in the dismantlement of all of Barack Obama's rule-making that put a serious impediment upon this nation's business. Obama's purpose in giving the eco-freaks and regulation bureaucrats  all the government entanglements that they wanted was to punish the United States for its success. Trump knows this, it raises his ire, and he is going about making the Obama legacy disappear, as well it should.


We will see more of this, I hope, as opportunities arise.