Sunday, August 27, 2017

There are lots of opinions about what is wrong with the state of our country. There are many symptoms for many different diseases, many of which are the societal kind. Those are the ones that are at the root of the problems we are experiencing.

An article from National Review is here.


Racial problems are at the core of many of the societal problems we have. Yet these things apply directly to only a very small portion of our society. I asked one of my associates this week to name the percentage of our population that is black. I was not surprised to hear a wrong answer, but the estimate of 60% absolutely floored me.

The real number is 13% (approximately) and there are somewhere around 26% Hispanics. That 60% number is the majority population which is white. Asians, Native Americans and others have been included in the white population for the convenience of the writer.

The situation is that rightly or wrongly, intentionally or not, 13% of our population is causing a vast majority of the problems that our society must deal with. I no longer have any black friends (it's a matter of attrition not preference), and therefore don't know what their take on this matter is.

The black people that I have dealt with since I moved to Florida nearly a quarter century ago all seemed to have a pretty reasonable approach to the situation, and do not seem to expect vast entitlements to government largess.


That is until recently. The constant relentless pounding from the Obama coterie of followers-on took its toll. The eight years that we spent at the hands of a master manipulator changed the racial component of the entire discussion.


For the worse.

Previous presidential administrations had kept the lid on the pressure cooker, but they had succeeded in turning the heat down. Our society was gradually beginning to reach conclusions about how we would deal with one another. This was being done in a slow evolutionary way that was more comfortable for society than the turbulent kicking and screaming method that initiated it.

The current iconoclasm is a symptom. We will eventually reach a compromise. That will happen. What will also happen will be the loss of regard for history. An era will be made to disappear.

Gentility and grace will be the first of the Southern traits to go away (they already have to a great degree).

No one knows where this will end. But it will leave us coarser and more vitriolic. I want to blame Obama, but he's only partially at fault. The rest is the society that we have wrought. The instant gratification of nuanced communication typified by the eloquence of Twitter is the new standard.


Social graces have gone away, too.