Thursday, August 24, 2017

I did not buy fIood insurance this year. The mortgage company is fine with that, I think. More on this issue as facts become available.



Sunday, August 20, 2017

I announced a month or so ago that my 'Pen Name' is Tom Anderson. It is on the cover of both my books as Thomas Anderson. 

That is it.


My second book may be available in electronic form as early as this week: "2 Wheels/2 Weeks" by Thomas Anderson.


To hear the Main Stream Media news tell it, we are in the finality of the end times, Armageddon is nigh. This includes Fox News.


This is another frustrating 'wag the dog' issue. Black people in the United States make up somewhere around 12% of our population. Issues of race (black versus white – Hispanics do not wield the club that Blacks do) are occupying vast segments of our national attention. The MSM/Democrat party (the same thing) have focussed our attention on the racial wrongs of white people again.

Blacks right, clueless whites wrong. Again. I'm tired of this recurring theme. I've been seeing it for 60 years. We've learned.

Stop it.

The Civil War is not over. The race-baiters have seen to that. White people and a large percentage of black people are, rightly, thinking that this is best left to die the death that it should.

The issue has become a wrangle over how we record the history that our nation lived. At many locations, predominantly throughout the South, there are statues and monuments commemorating southern leaders. Many of these were erected during the 1950s and 1960s, when there was a resurgence of Confederate loyalty among many in the South.

I remember that. It is part of my past. I graduated from high school in Memphis, Tennessee in 1963. The Freedom Rides were ongoing at that time. Martin Luther King was alive, active, and was annoying the hell out of the powerful – Democrats all – who were trying to obstruct him. The Republican Party had virtually no base in the South. My dad was an exception to this.

I graduated from high school in the last class to attend schools in the segregated south. This was a manifestation of the racial philosophy that had been present since time immemorial. One party rule dominated that section of the country until the election of Richard Nixon in 1968. At that time, the so-called 'Dixiecrat Party' split away from the national Democrat Party, and lost the election behind George Wallace.

Democrats had found a way to give their hegemony of the nation away. Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace together could not poll enough ballots to have beaten Richard Nixon, who was to become the pariah of the century.

John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson are credited with being the agents of change that brought about the ascendancy of black people into the mainstream of American life, and they may actually have contributed slightly in that effort. But the main thing that they did was to get out of the way. No one may speak ill of John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson was given the credit for racial strides even though Martin Luther King was the agent of change.

Historically, the Democrat party has been a malevolent influence in the lives of Blacks. The record of Democrats on race issues is dismal. Martin Luther King was a communist, not a Democrat philosophically. He associated with Democrats because his perception of a politically receptive group would not allow him to consider the Republicans.

Blacks have stubbornly stuck with the Democrats in spite of the 150 years that they have been exploited and mistreated. The issue of the monuments that has arisen in this last wave of racial mistrust points out the fact that those Confederate monuments were nearly all erected during the time that Martin Luther King was active. They were the response that the Dixiecrats gave to the civil rights movement.


There has been a cover-up; it is the cover-up of Democrat participation in the tamping down of black achievement. This is an effort that has been a continuing feature of Democrat relations with Blacks. Democrats have been incredibly successful in making themselves seem like the party who is out to help Blacks. The reality is exactly the opposite.

The story of Blacks in the United States is one of being under the thumb of the Democrat party. They still are to this day. The first black president did nothing to elevate their plight, and the first black Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, was even an avowed racist. Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder's successor and another black, is proving to have been an incompetent, at best.

Those three wreaked havoc with the possibilities of racial harmony. Having those top three positions in the United States government should have proven to be an enormous advantage in advancing their role in society. However, those three people expose the malfeasance that Democrat politics brings to the fore in US governance. Malfeasance means 'with malice afforethought.'


Things have gotten steadily worse for Blacks in this twenty-first century, thanks in no small part to Barack Hussein Obama.