Sunday, April 15, 2018

Happy Tax Day! Somehow the geniuses at the IRS have determined that we need to have our taxes due on Tuesday. Never on a Monday? Where did this come from? And I pay these people' s salaries. Somehow I got it together this year enough to get mine done last week. My taxes are in, I have gotten a notice that they have been accepted, and there is nothing else to do with them this tax season.

Except that there is always something to do with them in every season. There used to be a way to make quarterly payments (required) for people who knew they were going to exceed withholdings. But there seems to be no emphasis on that this year. Things have changed a bit since Donald Trump.

I still hear about people having received their tax refunds as if this is a gift from a benevolent government. I do as much as I can to dispel this notion and that receiving a tax refund is evidence that money has been loaned to the US government, interest-free, for whatever time it takes for the tax year to end and a tax return to be filed against it.

Enough of that!

The news today is all about Syria and the missile strike that was ordered as retaliation for the use of chemical weapons and other inhumane methods of murdering people. The problem with Syria is Assad, Russia, and the other evil influences in that evil part of the world. Somehow Iran has become a dominant power over actions there, probably assisted by Russia.

Things were supposed to be getting better.

At least this raid on Syria is a fair warning to North Korea.