Sunday, May 6, 2018

Forces are beginning to stake out their positions in this usurpation of power that has been going on for the past two years.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the entire reason for having a Special Prosecutor centers around removing Donald Trump from office.

On Friday, the judge hearing the case against Paul Mannifort questioned the whole prosecution effort and indicated that he thought that it was beyond the scope of Mueller's authority in the matter. Others have been making the same observation, all questioning the judicial scope.

In our country, Justice Department and other investigations begin with a crime, and seek the perpetrators of that crime. The Special Prosecutor has used his powers to reverse that order – given blanket authority and virtually no limits, he has taken what is an open-ended approach to investigate people seeking a crime.

In a Soviet style approach to crime and punishment, Mueller has already punished several of the 'miscreants' that he has pursued by using the US government power to prosecute as a means of inflicting onerous legal costs that have broken them.

This seems to be the major thrust of his strategy: use the power of the government against all the individuals who are involved with Donald Trump, even peripherally. Judge T.S. Ellis stated that Mueller doesn't care about Manafort's crime except as a means of involving Donald Trump in the investigation.

It's the old story. The Swamp Denizens have begun to panic and they are striking back. Mueller was appointed Special Prosecutor with no limits on his power so that he could do what he is doing. The swamp is broad and deep.