Sunday, April 29, 2018

Last night was the news correspondents dinner in Washington DC. The Donald found an excuse to spend the evening in Washington, Michigan, where he delivered one of his patented campaign speeches. It was a rollicking good time.

Meanwhile, back in DC, Sarah Sanders was the host of the awful annual dinner. The coverage that I saw was instigated by a press corps which is embarrassed by the fact that Donald Trump is trucking ahead with his 'Make America Great Again' agenda. Ms. Sanders, who is always referred to in media with her maiden name prominently intact, sat in pointed silence as the bad jokes and innuendos rolled forth.

It was embarrassing to watch, having to see Ms. Sanders being mocked and held forth as a traitor to their trade by the press corps.

The president usually shows up at these things, but Trump was making a point: the press can't have it both ways, they cant blare out their negative message 90% of the time and expect him to treat them like trusted friends.

Previous presidents have done that. Even George Bush – W – made himself go along with the press treatment, which was almost as bad as Trump received. It was actually the Bush hatred that pushed the press into its current state of non-tolerance of any opinions except for Democrat ones.

We are living with that enmity between the press and the elected administration of our government. But we don't have to put up with it. Donald Trump is showing us the alternative. We have purveyors of 'Fake News' on the one hand, and Fox News with a few truth-tellers on the other.

It will be that way for a long time. The MSM refuses to face reality.