Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Barack Obama regards the United States as a thoroughly evil and misbegotten government. Like all socialists, he thinks that capitalism  is also evil and misbegotten, and that all who participate in it need to be held to account for their sinful making of profits. This he has sought  to do.

As a megalomaniacal, fanatical zealot of the first order, he took it upon himself to punish the United States  in every way he could  conjure up. And as president, those ways were numerous.

The  most damaging, and the least  covered by news media, is the way he spent money during his term as chief executive. During his eight years, he doubled  the debt  of the United States to nearly $20 trillion. During much of his term, he was abetted by a Democrat controlled congress that wanted to spend every much as he did.

Now, the flock is coming  home to roost. WSJ article here.

There is  a complete  pass being issued  to that awful ex-president. No one seems to care  what he has done, or why.


The profligate spending, the crippling of our military, the international mess, the newly discovered rights inherently held by Muslims, the tolerance of the mass of illegal immigrants, the over-reach of high-handed  federal agencies, and the general corruption of standards within our society were all problems aggravated greatly by Barack Obama.

He was,  I'll say it once again, intentionally the worst president  we have ever had. His intention was  to punish the United States in every way he could.


He has succeeded in ways that the vast majority of Americans do not understand yet.

But they will. One of the first indications of trouble to come will be the massive accumulation of the interest on our debt. The  Federal Reserve is warning that interest rates are rising  because of fears of inflation. Could this be a recurrence of the 1970s?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

A nexus  of forces  converging upon  our time with a myriad  of new complications  is the recurring theme of this column.


I do not mean complications in any kind of  limiting sense, but in the  full-blown sense of unlimited opportunity. In last week's post, I listed a few technologies that will be available for future exploration and development.


My list of subjects for exploration that I cited included electronics, robotics, space exploration, and control of weather. This is hardly an exhaustive list, and can be  augmented with hundreds of other examples of possibilities for future areas of growth. These areas for development have been the source of speculation for science fiction authors since 

Isaac Asimov in the 1950s.

No one knows what the direction of future growth will be. That nexus that I continue to refer to is as yet undefined.  It will be determined by the confluence of forces  produced by the pan- cultural civilization  that is developing and represents the next step in human evolution.


Or it may be a singular leap, like the occurrence of speech. Tom Wolfe's book is here.

If we look at the past for clues which will tell us about our future, we will realize  how quickly forces of technology have taken over our minds and imaginations to produce a modern man. The new man will be in possession of the characteristics of an evolving  creature who is firmly anchored in the past by his  species. But, he will be different, and this is what we do not know.

As people, we will have more in common with Etruscans and Visigoths than we will have with our great-grandchildren, probably. There will be a quantum change  in the species during the next few generations.

This quantum leap will be evident in several changes in the species that are drastic enough to be observable in small ways now.


Saturday morning's bit of wisdom from BC...



There are many things that remain true to form regardless of circumstances. One of those things is Democrat duplicity. These people care nothing about the nation. Their only concern  is to further their socialist cause.  


They care nothing  of laws or other minor (to them) concerns.  We have known for years that Susan Rice and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have their names firmly etched in the ranks of that group that is willing  to subvert the interests of the United States to elevate their agenda.


They have also recruited members of the US government whose jobs perform services that they require in the areas of foreign relations and intelligence. We don't know  who those people are, yet, but the effect they have had  on the new Trump team  has been profound.

The forces arrayed against our president are formidable, and they are deeply entrenched in the bureaucracy that surrounds all he tries to accomplish. He would have a huge (Yuge in Trump-speak) problem on his hands even without Democrat obstructionism.

His successes against Assad and in developing a firmly founded relationship with China show that he is a capable leader, and is probably able to overcome all of the stumbling-blocks that his adversaries throw in his path. He is a developer, and is used to overcoming adversaries who are  far more creative than any that the federal government bureau can produce.

The greatest thing about these successes is that they are like  a fart in the face to Democrats.