Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wooo Hooo! I bought a new Hewlett-Packard electrostatic printer to replace the piece of crap Brother printer. The new one came in late Tuesday afternoon, and I started attempting to install it at about noon yesterday. At 12:10 I called Mo to inform her that we were the proud owners of a working printer once again. That's right - ten minutes to set up and install it.

I am now a big fan of the Hewlett-Packard Company.

The installation was an absolute breeze. The control panel on the printer is even easy to read in a bright setting like my office.

It is refreshing to be the recipient of a piece of fine American technology.

Even though it was probably made in mainland China, the new printer was designed by Americans, and has performed flawlessly in every task I have given it to do.




There is big news from the Clinton crime family, and the Democrats are hastily circling the wagons to protect their candidate. We probably won't hear very much more until next week, if the Clintons are as slavish to the news cycle as they have been in the past.
More on Sunday.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


"Only Barrack Obama would see racism in these recovery efforts." In reference to the rainstorm and subsequent flooding in Louisiana. Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin made that observation this morning on Fox and Friends. He was being interviewed, among other things, about Barack Obama's nonperformance recently as regards the storms that struck the South Louisiana/South Mississippi area. This Sheriff, who is black, is becoming one of my favorite law enforcement officials, right up there with the Sheriff of Polk County, Grady Judd. 

I don't intend to include the morning cartoons in this blog as a habit, but this morning proved exceptional in that regard. Here are three, two of which are somewhat apropos, and a third that I just thought was funny.



Sunday, August 21, 2016




Yesterday I received a UPS package – a replacement for my too new to fail Canon printer. I had ordered a new Brother printer on Thursday, and in Amazon’s usual manner for "Prime" customers, it got to my doorstep on Saturday – a respectable delivery speed.

Eager to get everything in motion, I opened the box and encountered the usual packaging difficulties designed to show off the ham-handed klutz in us all. After not injuring myself, although I was given several opportunities to do so, I began the task of getting the printer "set up."

This was at approximately 10:45 AM.

At 720PM, out of hunger and frustration, I gave up and joined my wife for the lovely dinner she had prepared while I had frittered my time away frustrating myself.

During the interim – 8 hours plus – it was revealed to me how intricately three pieces of gear can be made to communicate, or in this case, not communicate.

The Internet hub assumed its new job well and the printer was coaxed into partial submission, but my computer refused to cooperate in any way.

There are three ways these three pieces of gear can be connected, giving a total of 9 permutations and combinations. I tried them all more than once.

I of course tried the simplest one first (last on the list in the instructions) which was Wi-Fi for the first connection between printer and hub and Wi-Fi for the connection between printer and computer. This of course did not work. On to other methods of connection. Etc. etc.

I was following instructions from a 17" x 22" instruction sheet, which can only be turned to an awkward position, and also referencing the Internet, both of which listed installation techniques in the following order:



Wireless – the avowed preferred method – last.

Only after having gone through each of the methods a couple of times – of course – did I realize that the website (but not the instruction sheet) offered a caution in small print that in the event of a failure to complete the installation, there was an undo procedure that needed to be performed before the installation steps were started again.


After downloading the undo software, and running it, I started over.

And over

and over, ad nauseam.

The Brother company and I are no longer friends. The Brother printer is going back tomorrow.

I don't often utilize it, but Amazon has a great return policy. They could take this opportunity to slap the Brother company around a bit, and should.

That probably won’t happen, but I can hope.